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  • Participate -  Members are expected to participate in clan activities. We hold scheduled stronghold detachments every Thursday (9 p.m. EST) and Saturday (3 p.m. EST) and we have random pick up detachments forming throughout the week. We don't expect you at every scheduled event, but your resource contribution is being monitored and if you are not earning an average of 50 resources a week you may be removed from the clan. Teamspeak is mandatory while in game. This tool helps us communicate as a clan. Platoon with other members when you can. I know everyone has a tank they are grinding, but do your best to grind the line with a clan member. I want members to try to make time to help other members grind those difficult lines and platoon together to improve our team-play. Visit the website, read & post in the forums, check the events calendar, and use the other tools available. This website is here for us to use. It is each members responsibility to check it. If you find yourself always running solo, never using teamspeak, never visiting the website, and never contributing to the clan, you might want to ask yourself why you are here.    

  • Public Conduct -  Squad members should always uphold the GOOD name of the clan. A lot of us like to talk smack, so members should have thick skin, but try to limit foul language. Racial slurs are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The smack talk should remain within the clan and should only be in jest. ALWAYS respect other players and do not harass or troll them. Do not ruin enjoyment of the game for others. Eventually, we'd like to take a shot at the Clan Wars map and to be a serious participant we have to have allies and use some diplomacy. We do not want to enter this phase of the game with the a negative reputation. So, show respect for your opponents in defeat or victory! If someone talks smack to you in game laugh it off or ignore it.

  • Random Match Conduct -  Always play for the team (or maybe I should say for the win) and not for yourself. If you have a choice between padding your stats with another kill or sitting on the flag for the win, your choice should be the flag and the win. NO TEAM KILLING. Even if shot first, it is better to just try to maneuver away from the offender and collect your extra silver from them at the end of the match. If you are lucky someone else on the team will kill the offender for you and you avoid any negative rep.  

  • Organized Match Conduct (Tournaments) - If you have signed up for a scheduled organized event, you must HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT. Be sure to list your availability when signing up for the event. If real life happens and you have to miss a scheduled event pm noheat, mCanChamp, Dukehooligan, Tiggger87, or Valkreas as soon as you possibly can. Listen to the acting caller. He/she has the responsibility to put the team in a position to win the battle. These battles are not to be played as if you are in a random battle playing solo. We are to try our best to use tactics and work together as a team. If the caller tells you to push the one, two line, YOU PUSH THE ONE, TWO LINE. If you have a different opinion about how the battle should be called wait until after the battle to discuss it. If a member continues to not listen to orders then they will be excluded from organized play. This code is not here to prevent you from thinking on your feet and moving to a flank position when it presents itself, but is intended to prevent players from abandoning the team and the plan laid out before the battle.  

  • Teamspeak Etiquette -  Teamspeak is a tool to improve clan communication. Members should use the push-to-talk option rather than the open mic. The Squad channel is the main channel for boisterous talk and socialization. We do have plenty of other channels for those that like a quieter environment. Always show courtesy to members in other game rooms. If a group is playing a game other than World of Tanks, don’t go into the other game channel and bother them with 20 questions regarding tanks or give them the blow by blow of your last match. Do not move members around from channel to channel unless you've been asked to by the other member or the other member is expecting it. Getting moved mid-match when not expected can mess up a game and is annoying.

  • Training Etiquette -  Let the facilitator of the training do his/her job. If you have a different opinion on the topic, wait until the trainer asks for input or speak with the trainer after the training is over. DO NOT SHOOT EACH OTHER or FOOL AROUND when you are not supposed to. At the end of training we usually break off in teams and have a few free for all battles. If you plan on attending the training show up on time, we don’t want to have to re-start a training session once we start.  

  • Conflict Management -  When you are having a problem with one or more members or with clan policies, be mature about it and communicate with the member or one of the officers. Communicating is the best way to resolve our problems.  

  • Consequences -  Currently there are no consequences for violating our code of conduct. If issues arise officers will hold council and make a decision based on the situation or event in question.
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