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re: Defining Clan Ranks


 Commander: The commander is expected to oversee the general direction of the clan and ensure that the clan continues to grow.

Executive Officer: The executive officers are second only to the commander. They take on more administrative duties of clan; this includes overseeing the stronghold and the use of reserves. The executive officer will be expected to ensure that the duties of recruitment officers and combat officers are being performed and assist the commander in diplomacy efforts and executive issues. This rank will only be handed out at the discretion of the Commander.

Combat Officer: This rank is awarded to members that want to take a more active role in leading teams. A combat officer is also expected to promote our clan and look for new members, but on a more passive level compared to the recruitment officers. The primary duties are to assist in organizing teams for competitive events, assist in training, and take the lead on the battle field. Combat officers should take an active role in promoting clan activities and platooning within the clan. This can be done by alerting members in clan chat about our upcoming skirmishes and stronghold events and assisting members in finding platoons. To achieve this rank the member must be a private or above that has volunteered and led teams several times in organized events.

Recruitment Officer: Recruitment Officers are expected to attempt to find new recruits. This should be done by sending pre-match recruitment messages, sending private messages to players they see in matches that they think would fit in our clan, bumping our recruitment post in the WoT Clan Recruitment forum, and following the Looking for a Clan! forum. To achieve this rank the member must first be a private in good standing in the clan and also active in teamspeak and clan events.

Junior Officer: This rank is for our senior members. These tankers are the veterans and backbone of our clan. To achieve this rank a private must be in the clan for at least 180 days and continue to adhere to all of the clan requirements.

Private: This is the rank given to our general members. To achieve this rank a recruit must be in the clan for at least 30 days, adhere to clan requirements such as being active in teamspeak while in game, meet the stronghold activity levels, and be observed platooning with other members of the clan. Privates are expected to continue to platoon with clan-mates, participate in clan events, and generally set a good example for recruits by following the clans Code of Conduct.

Recruit: This is the first rank that our tankers are awarded upon being accepted into the clan. Recruits must be registered on our website, be in teamspeak while in game, meet the stronghold activity requirements, and platoon with clan-mates as often as possible. They are expected to become familiar with and follow our Code of Conduct.

Reservist: This rank is given to members who are in danger of being removed from the clan due to not meeting activity requirements. This grants the member an exemption to having to meet the requirements and keeps the member in the clan. When the member is again able to achieve activity levels they will be promoted back to Private or their previous rank. This rank is given on a case by case basis, with the general agreement of clan officers.


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